Tapes from ABYSMAL SOUNDS in stock

I just received a big bunch of quality tapes from Australia's ABYSMAL SOUNDS.
I can only recommend each one of them.

From left to right:
Doomed Beast - Demo (Really good first release from this genuine Australian heavy metal band)
Johnny Touch - Fight for It (Heavy/speed metal. Reminds a bit of ACCEPT and similar bands!)
Sluggard - Demo (Raw death/thrash done right. Includes a pin.)
Innsmouth - The Departure of Shub-Niggurath (Lovecraftian metal of death.)
Grave Upheaval - Demo (Dark & abysmal death metal.)

Also available:
Bone Sickness - S/T 7"
Devourment - Shallow Grave 7"
Gorephilia - In Death MC

Note: There is a big chance that the next DIR release will be on vinyl.